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Teachers and Parents can create their own Word Search worksheets in just 2 minutes. To create a worksheet, fill in the blanks with the values from the options listed below and then click the CREATE button.

Alternatively, If you don’t like the words generated, you can click the RE-GENERATE button to generate a new set of words using the same inputs as before. This worksheet is available for download as a PDF file or can be printed immediately.


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Our worksheet generator helps you make printable worksheet that are educational, personal, and fun! Perfect for classrooms, these make-your-own word searches, crosswords, scrambles, and matching lists are an excellent tool for reviewing key subjects and skills. Each printable created through our reading and math worksheet generator is fully customizable, with a selection of colorful borders and a title that is unique to you.

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An effective way to ensure students explore new topics and practice new skills on a daily basis is by answering worksheets. Whether you are teaching vocabulary, writing, science or math, you can easily create worksheets that match the lessons for the day.

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To ensure your worksheets are uniform for the whole grade or year level and informative down to the last detail, you’ll need to get your co-teachers’ insights and feedback. Teachers run hectic schedules every day, and collaborating face-to-face can be hard. Kiddoworksheets makes it easy to work with your co-educators with our practical share features on the editor toolbar.